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Rattenbury Special Chassis

x Modified

Transverse Crosley

“The most unusual Crosley powered special was built by James Rattenbury. He located the engine crosswise behind the driver, with a chain driving a sprocket on the rear axle. He also fitted a supercharger, giving intermittent power peaks of up to 60 h.p. at 12 pounds of boost. The car was possibly too complex, since it didn’t have an impressive competition record, but Rattenbury enjoyed the challenge of building it.”1

Rom Cummings says, “As I recall this was a very strange looking car, as in ugly. I believe Rattenbury later installed a Porsche motor and did quite well with it in early North American professional road races.”



1Harvey West, No. 20-Thinking Small (Motorsport Memories feature, The Tonneau, Land O'Lakes Region, SCCA, newsletter, February 2004) p 4.

Revised: April 25, 2007.

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