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Vision Introduction

Tom Cormack provided these photos from the car's first outing.

Tom said, "These are from our first outing as I liked them better than the ones from this weekend [May 7-8, 2005], but do not include our forward facing down tubes that now appear on the car (long story).

"We had our second outing and first SCCA race this weekend at IRP and are pleased to finally introduce our Predator Vision DSR. This weekend went the same as the first, as we burned a piston again and had some work to do at the track. The good news is we completed qualifying and the entire race to log some quality miles on the car while we get to know our creation.

This effort is collaboration between Phil Groebe and myself, a partnership that has won dozens of short track oval races all around the Midwest. Phil is the creator of the Predator Formula Indy race car and I am now entering my 20th year as a racing driver."


Arctic Cat ZRT 800cc Motor
Straight Axle / Chain Drive
Penske 8760 shocks with Mono Shock Front End
Kodiak Rims 8 x 13 / 10 x 13
Fuel Safe Wedge Cell
Momo Wheel w/ MyChron 3 Gold Dash
Schroth 6-point Belts

More Cars

Tom Cormack reports, "Right now there are two other cars being built for prior Predator oval car owners. We are not focusing on building cars for the market at this time, but we will be selling bodies for anyone who is interested. If the market is such that there is demand for more Predators from the racing community then we would pursue it at that point."

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