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Phoenix Chassis

H Modified


Engine: SAAB 3 cylinder 2 stroke

Builder: Joe Pucket

Current Owner: Bud Clark in California


"In 1981 Joe Puckett found the remnants of a race car behind a furniture store in El Toro, California. There was a tube frame, a fiberglass body, and some other small bits and pieces all of which were in about the worst possible condition. Joe thought he recognized the body shape as that of a car he had raced against many years before, but he did not have any sure knowledge about the powerplant or running gear.


When he decided to restore the car he felt that, if he couldn't be historically accurate, he could at least be historically correct and would use the SAAB components found on many H-Mod cars in the 1960s.

Many friends, neighbors, and co-workers helped with the restoration and when it was finished Joe named the car Phoenix after the mythical bird which recreated itself out of its own ashes.


In 1984, the car made its debut at the VARA race at Willow Springs Raceway, but had some minor problems and retired after a few laps. The car was eventually sorted out and proved to be one of the faster H-Mod cars in vintage racing on the west coast.

Joe retired from driving in 1991 but he always found a driver to keep the Phoenix racing. When Joe died, the Phoenix passed to Bud Clark who was Joe's friend, SAAB engine builder, and the primary Phoenix driver after Joe's retirement."

Curt Anderson provided the text and photos used on this page.

Engine Note (added 11/17/06)

"When the car now know as the Phoenix Saab was a current H-Mod, it was powered by a Mercury Outboard Powerhead. I believe that the Mercury was driving through a Saab transaxle. When Joe restored the car he installed a
Saab engine. Joe remembered the car as having overheating problems with the
Mercury outboard powerhead."
Tom Churchill on the H Mod Yahoo group


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phoenix_leftfront.jpg (196563 bytes)
Phoenix Intl Raceway, AZ

phoenix_Willow.jpg (137626 bytes)
Willow Springs
Raceway, CA

phoenix_body_off.jpg (244181 bytes)
SAAB engine
and components

phoenix_PIR.jpg (188840 bytes)
Phoenix Intl Raceway, AZ
From left to right are
Bud Clark, Joe Pucket,
and Curt Anderson

Revised: August 30, 2004.

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