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Novakar Chassis

D Sports Racer, F500


Jay Novak says, "Our new DSR will hit the ground with elastomer springs, but I have designed the chassis so that conventional springs & shocks can be put on the car very easily."


Dave Craddock of Preform Resources began a project for Novakar to build bodywork for a DSR chassis.

The photos on this page show the development of the buck for the body molds.

The F500 chassis and bodywork were the starting point, to which larger wheel wells were added.

Cal_Stewart_WatkinsGlen.jpg (91098 bytes)
Cal Stewart at Watkins Glen

Don_Coulthard_WHRRI_May2002.jpg (64325 bytes)
Don Coulthard at Waterford Hills

Jay_Novak.jpg (77868 bytes)
Jay Novak

Jay Novak's
comments on
elastomer springs

PaulShip_F500.jpg (71447 bytes)
Novakar F500

This is the most recent
F500 chassis being put
together. The DSR is very
similar in construction.

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caly_003.jpg (32514 bytes)

clay_004.jpg (25034 bytes)

clay_006.jpg (23575 bytes)

clay_007.jpg (30744 bytes)

d_parts_front.jpg (27092 bytes)

d_parts_rear.jpg (28048 bytes)

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