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Ed Murray and Dave Craddock started this car in 1972. It consists of a tube frame chassis and uses a Honda 750 engine.

They cast their own magnesium rear uprights. Dave worked in a pattern shop and had help building the pattern.

The wheels were Halibrand 13" Midget wheels.

Front uprights were from a McClaren MkII (modified Spitfire).

Brakes were Airheart calibers and discs (which proved to be a bad decision).

They fabricated a body from a Moodini, which was a modified Lotus 23.


Ed drove the car a few times then the car. It went through a couple of hands before Rod Hahnemann bought it. Rod "made a bunch of changes, upgraded the brakes, and built a new body using plywood and Masonite for a female mold! We sold him fiberglass materials, gave him advice, and he did it at home," reports Dave Craddock.

Rod sold the car to the Quatrocci brothers and they put a Kawasaki ZX10 Ninja engine in it.

The brothers later sold the car "and Rod ended up with the car again. It's in storage now."

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7_leftfront.JPG (923871 bytes)
The last body which
was created by
Rod Hahnemenn

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20_leftfront.JPG (792811 bytes)

20_rightrear.JPG (526008 bytes)

20_rear.JPG (852224 bytes)

1st_iteration_1.JPG (446799 bytes)
Original bodywork

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1st_iteration_3.JPG (715155 bytes)

chassis_5.JPG (411480 bytes)

chassis_2.JPG (470551 bytes)

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