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Mission Chassis

UK Trackday car


The Mission is built in the United Kingdom by t5 Developments, originally as a low cost alternative to other sports racer track day cars. The Mission has also spawned interest in the new Bikesports series of the 750MC club.

A total of five Missions had been supplied in 2004, with a further three planned to be built before December 2004.



  • Honda Blackbird (on prototype)
  • Upgrated clutch
  • Modified oil sump
  • 162 BHP at 10,500 RPM


  • Quaife transaxle with torque bias diff


  • Mainly 1 inch 18SWG round tube Space Frame
  • Integral 'Roll Over Loop'
  • Fully adjustable rose jointed double wishbones all round
  • In-board Gaz coil overs with push rods and bell cranks
  • Fabricated front and rear uprights
  • Escort Mkll quickrack


  • 247 vented discs front with modified M16 calipers
  • 253 solid rear disc Ford floating calipers


  • 10x13 rear, 8x13 front Revolution four spokes


  • overall length 12ft 5 inches
  • overall width 61 inches
  • wheel base 100 inches
  • front track 50 inches
  • rear track 49 inches


  • on application Realistic budget customer - build around 10,000.

For more information or to place an order, contact t5 Developments at: 01621-784589 or email at:

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February 2, 2005

"I'm building a Mission for the UK RGB championship. Been keeping track of the costs, and 10K isn't far off accurate. I'm a couple of K over that, but had I wanted to compromise some areas I could have got close to that, and that's including dry sump and 1200cc engine.

There are 2 body styles available; there is a 'symmetrical' body with full width rear hump in addition to the style in the picture. My car does have a full width roll hoop, coming out the side of the narrow, drivers' side hump.

Tom's very focused on low cost motorsports, and produces a very nice product at a very good price. How it goes round a track we'll find out in the next few weeks..."


February 9, 2005

"The silver Mission is mine, and I cannot speak highly enough of it!

I initially wanted a [Radical] SR3 but found it WAY out of my price range. Having initially seen the Mission advertised as a single seater I approached the designer, Tom Sadler, and enquired after a 2 seater version, with sufficient room for my 'sturdy' stature! He obliged and the result is the [silver] car.

Performance is obviously dependant on engine choice, but my Blackbird powered car managed to keep pace with a Radical Prosport around Snetterton race circuit by performing better through the corners. A simple comparative glance at each bare chassis shows why.

Tom and I have fine tuned the handling characteristics over the past year with modifications to the front suspension and drivetrain.

Taking ALL expenses into account I have built this car for between 10 - 12,000 but it could be built for even less. The only reason it is offered for sale is to enable the development of a Hard top road legal version.

Do not be fooled by the price tag of the mission.... This car is a serious contender - as demonstrated by Eamon Matheson in the Irish sportscar championship. Basically he won at his first attempt, beating established names in the process!" Mark Purves

Revised: February 09, 2005.

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