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Minning Chassis

This is the Minning prototype, Serial No. 00001, as marked in its SCCA logbook.

The car is an aluminum and fiberglass body on a square tube frame. It uses Fiat 600D power and a mix of 600D, Abarth, and Fiat 850 running gear.

The car was originally dark green (as shown in the bottom photo), but later the rear of the body was modified and the color changed to white over blue. The car has a full width hoop and is left hand drive.


The current owner's notes show that the base car is listed as a Beadi(?). He believes that the car was built in the late 1960s.

It was was sold to Richard T. Aten (or Akens), around 1970.

In July 1973, the car was sold to Tony Lloyd of Merritt Island, Florida. He raced it in Florida and Georgia where it was known as the Squirrel Cage.

In November 1974, Bud Anderson bought the car from Tony Lloyd through his brother-in-law who worked with Tony. Bud raced the car for a limited time in the late 1970s before parking it.

Help with Info

Bud Anderson, the current owner, does have full documentation on the car from Tony to the present (2004), including pictures of the original bodywork and the original SCCA logbook.

If you know any additional information about this car, Bud would greatly appreciate finding out more about it. You can contact him

Bud Anderson
(920) 469-9752
Green Bay, Wisconsin

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