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Manta Ray Chassis

H Modified


Builder: Bob Snow

Chassis: Ladder frame fabricated from 3" tubes

Weight: 825 pounds (60% F / 40% R)

Length: 136" overall

Width: 51" overall

Height: 30" overall

Wheelbase: 76"

Track: 42" Front, 40" Rear

Minimum Ground Clearance: 4"

Engine: 750cc Crosley
Compression ratio of 10.5:1
Dual Amel carburetors

Transmission: Morris Minor

Suspension: Front and rear is English Ford. Shocks are adjustable hydraulic-tube.

Steering: 2.25 turns lock-to-lock. Stock English Ford.

Brakes: Front and rear are Stock English Ford.

Tire Size: 4.25 x 15

Fuel Capacity: 8 gallons.

Cost to build: $900 & "1 year's work"

Current Owner: unknown


"Listed as a 'Crosley Special' on race programs, I prefer to call Bob Snow's car the 'Manta Ray,' because of its unusually styled front end. The body shell was built by Bob, of aluminum and fiberglass, and like most of the class H machines, has a personality of its own. The headlights are recessed into the grill, and are protected by the Manta Ray 'feelers,' which project a good 12 inches out from the air intake. Paneling has been planned with an eye toward quick, uncluttered access to the car's vital parts. The hood and windshield come off as a unit, providing free access to the engine, instrumentation, and wiring.

In final trim, the triangulated roll bar is covered with a headrest panel which has been boxed and padded, minimizing the possibility of the driver's head being caught by the bar in case of a crash. One small detail that is often overlooked is the tailpipe assembly. Many races have been lost when a tailpipe would come adrift, causing a driver to give up a good lead to the black flag, while an unprepared pit crew scrambled for baling wire to try to secure the red-hot pipe. Bob has slung dual pipes well under sides of the Ray, and has fastened the ends to the frame members with large steel clamps. The Manta Ray is a potential contender in class H"1


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Four photos from the book1 will be added after they are scanned.



"Hood panels and windshield
remove as a unit providing
free access to engine



"'Feelers' of the Manta Ray
project 12 inches forward,
protecting grille and



"Note the triangulated roll
bar with skip bar welded
on the very top of it."1

1Bob Rolofson, Sports Car Specials (Los Angeles, Trend Books Inc., 1958), p 40-41. This book was generously loaned to the Sports Racer Network by Marty Nygard.

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