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Lister-MG Chassis

H Modified


Engine: MG TF

Current Owner: Antoine Vauthey in Switzerland

It has an Ashley body but shortened to fit the chassis.

The log book is from May 1956 and at that time they wrote the engine number XPEG RS/5053 in it. It can also be XPEG 125/5053 or XPEG 12S/5053.

In 1962, the engine blew up (seriously) so they removed it and then the car was put in a locked up garage until 2004.

The old pictures are from the last guy who drove the car ... in 1962!

The fiberglass shell was fitted to the car in the late 1950's (approx 1958). Antoine doesn't know which type of body was on before.

The car has independent rear suspension with a Dedion rear axle and inboard  brakes.

"It was built for racing, but I have no records about it.

I am quite sure that this is not a Lester, because the dimensions of the tube are different diameter. The shape is more like the early Lister MG or Bristol," reports Antoine.

Antoine is trying to collect any information about these cars, so any help is welcome. Please contact Antoine Vauthey if you can help.


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