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Rob Schwabel posted his car for sale on the Sports Racer forum on June 19, 2006.

1980 Legrand MRK 25 (Rebuilt 1995 )
Monocoque tube frame
Kawaski Ninja ZX-10 1000cc (Built By Bob Wirth) 150hp+ Trans reworked, ported, Carillo rods,ZX-11cams-ignition box, 41mm flat slide carbs, Custom Header with supertrap
2 sets wheels 1-with rain tires 1-Hoosier slickes (used)
2 extra rear wheels w/Hoosier (used)
Quick release steering wheel
SCCA Log Book 3-1980

Asking $ 11,000

Contact Rob at rbvchsm(at)sierratel(dot)com


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Revised: June 21, 2006.

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