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After a falling out with the co-owners of Stohr Racing Cars, LLC. (see news story on the sale), Lee Stohr has started a new company to deigned his next generation sports racer.


On March 21, 2005, new parts were displayed on the Lee Stohr Cars web site (as described in a related news story).

Seen on the right is the layup of a new floor with integrated tunnels, and a new carbon fiber rear wing.

Revised suspension control arms are also in the works, for older Stohr cars, with improved geometry.


For more information contact:

Lee Stohr Cars
6440 SE Crosswhite Way
Portland, OR 97206
503-775-1116 fax

2005_floor_layup.jpg (152119 bytes)
Tunnel floor

2005_carbon_wing.jpg (184741 bytes)

2005_wing_underside.jpg (206154 bytes)
Carbon rear wing
end & underside

2005_shop.jpg (171901 bytes)
The new shop


Revised: March 24, 2005.

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