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3/6/01: Larry Kropp stated that the actual chassis is indeed under the body mold, seen in the gallery photos. He also explained that the radiator lies flat on the rear deck, which is a high pressure area, and exits through the openings directly behind it, which has a venturi effect to produce a low pressure area.

This from Don MacCluskie:

"This car will be well under 900# and Safe. I witnessed the crash testing of the original car at Watkins Glen two years ago. 120+ MPH into the Armco exiting the esses, spinning across the track and hitting the Armco on the other side. I told my wife on the radio that I hoped he hadn't been killed. It was brutal. The car that was crashed will be at MO as well as the new chassis. The reason for taking the old car is to show the crash-worthiness of the design which did not have any intrusion into the cockpit and the driver walked away.

The new chassis has been weighed at 514# dry with the ZX-10 and battery installed and foam between the panels. Not on the car are: f&r calipers, f rotors, upholstery and body. The finished car will also have lighter wheels.

The chassis looks frail, but, keep in mind that it was designed and built by a guy with a strong background in aircraft design who understands this stuff. We also know that it tends to protect the driver by throwing away suspension and body parts by design."

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