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Jones-De Camp Chassis

H Modified


Builder: Jones and De Camp, see below

Chassis: Truss type, from 1.125" seamless tubing, plus smaller diameter tubing for vertical and diagonal bracing

Body: Devin with modifications

Weight: 880 pounds

Wheelbase: 82"

Track: 46" Front, 42" Rear

Engine: 748.36cc modified Crosley
Oversized valves
Winfield camshaft
Single dual-throat Weber carburetor

Transmission: Morris Minor clutch into an MG transmission

Front Suspension: Unequal length A-arms, Lotus coil springs and hydraulic shocks

Rear Suspension: Stock Crosley Hotshot, with coils and tubular shocks

Steering: Morris rack & pinion

Brakes: Front and rear are Stock Crosley Hotshot disc units

Wheels: Modified Crosley centers

Tire Size: 5.20x12 front, 6.00x12 rear

Fuel Capacity: 8 gallons (Panhard aluminum fuel tank)

Current Owner: unknown


"Owned by Harry (and Vi) Jones and Lyn De Camp of the Rich and Jones Body Shop in Glendale, California, this car breaks the string on the old adage where the cobbler's family goes without shoes, and the photographer's family goes without family photos!

With the help of chassis designer Jim Troy, the three men designed and built the car in 18 months' time. The truss-type frame is from 1.125 inch seamless tubing, along with smaller diameter pieces for vertical and diagonal bracing. Lotus coil springs and hydraulic shocks were incorporated into the front suspension, which uses unequal-length A-arms. The rear suspension is a stock Crosley Hotshot assembly, with coils and tubular shocks.

Wheels are modified Crosley, with 12 inch (diameter) wide-base rims welded to Crosley centers. This modification provides for 5.20x12 tires at the front and 6.00x12 at the rear.

Having experienced waiting periods of nine months for engine parts for his Moretti coupe, Harry insisted on an American powerplant for the new car. Charles Gardner, of the Mustang Cycle Company, was given the job of building the powerplant. It is a modified Crosley, with oversized valves and Winfield cam, a bore of 748.36cc, and breathes through a dual-throat Weber carburetor.

The body is a superbly finished Devin fiberglass shell, with built-up wheel wells to accommodate the small 12 inch wheels. A carburetor shroud was added to the hood, and hot air escape vents cut into the rear. The fitted shell was then hand-rubbed and painted in the Rich & Jones paint shop -- obviously a labor of love!"1


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4.jpg (78663 bytes)
"Material was added the
wheel cutouts of Devin
body to accommodate
tiny, 12 inch wheels.."1



1.jpg (85133 bytes)
"Fiberglass shell was made
by Devin. Scoop on hood
was added to clear
Weber carburetor."1



2.jpg (23697 bytes)
"Lowness of car is accented
by Harry Jones."1



3.jpg (27578 bytes)
"'Note hot air escape
vents at rear of car."1


"1958 photo of
Jones De Camp
Crosley Special.
photo courtesy
Road & Track magazine"2

1Bob Rolofson, Sports Car Specials (Los Angeles, Trend Books Inc., 1958), p 46-47. This book was generously loaned to the Sports Racer Network by Marty Nygard.

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