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Beginnings of the JED 03

Ed "Shiftless"Dickinson started this car from a Nova F440 (now F500) chassis. He modified it for his engine and sports racer bodywork and created the Nova Cat chassis. That car used a 800cc ZRT Arctic Cat snowmobile engine.

In 2003, the car's suspension and other miscellaneous items were greatly modified. Due to the reconfiguration of the car in 2003 the car's name changed once again to its current JED 03.


Ed previously used a 800cc ZRT Arctic Cat two stroke snowmobile engine and CVT transmission in the car when it was known as the Nova Cat.

The car is now powered by a stock 2001 Yamaha R-1 engine. Stock carburators were removed and replaced with Keihns. The engine was installed longitudily in the chassis. "This unique motor installation with the obvious aerodynamic body design gives the car incredible top speed and exellent downforce."


Front suspension is push-rod Van Dieman design. In 2005, the rear suspension went through a slight re-configuration; it is aluminum trailing arm with 1¾ splinded solid aluminum axle.

The rubber bumper F500 suspension was converted over to bilstein shocks.


The bodywork and aero are largely unchaged from when the car was the Nova Cat.

Aerodynamics, ground effects - including front and rear diffusers, and body work were completed by Tim Cooper. Mr. Cooper was the fiberglass, body, and aerodynamics person for Alex Jobe Racing back in the IMSA days. Ed says, "Mr. Cooper is an unbelievable talent. He really knows his stuff. Other than the airbox, Mr. Cooper is the reason this car goes so fast down the straight and through the corners. The ground effects are working so well, I have reduced the wing size twice. I currently only using a 45" X 9" wing, and it is still too much through fast sweeping corners." The wing shown in the photo's was the original large wing.


In August of 2005 at the Daytona race with old tires, very tired motor, 100 degree ambient temperature, and 140 degree track temperatures, the car ran a 2:03 in qualifying. Out of 50+ group entrants the took pole!

For Sale

On July 25, 2006, Ed offered the car for sale at $25,000. As of September 26, Ed is accepting offers - he need to make room by selling the car.

If you want to get further details or ask Ed a question, you can contact him via Email at ed(at)wditampa(dot)com or on the phone in Florida at

813-879-3522 office or
813-240-7255 mobile.


Note that the photos immediately below are from the period when the car was still known as the Nova Cat. However, as the JED, it still appears the same, since the bodywork didn't change.

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Very large photo link here.


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Regular photo link above
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Revised: September 26, 2006.

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