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"The name Giaur (jow-er) is a contraction of the names of engine builder Domenico Giannini and, inexplicably, an observatory in Turin named Urania. The cars were built by Taraschi in small numbers and, according to owner and expert John de Boer, only 17 were registered new in Italy from 1950 through 1957. Built upon a lightweight, multi-tube chassis, it used Fiat Topolino suspension and drivetrain parts.

Frank Dominiani, who later became a ranking Corvette driver, raced a Giaur from 1952 through 1956. He describes the car as '. . . about 900 lbs, with the engine hung over the front end. In spite of the engine being so far forward, it had near-neutral handling. I could dirt track it at will - I used to terrorize everyone with it!' Paul Gougleman won a national championship in a Giaur in 1952."1


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June 9, 1953 National race results:
Frank Dominiani is listed as finishing second in a field of 6 starter at Thompson Raceway. The results also note the car as a Giaur - Crosley [engine].

1Carl Goodwin, Vintage Motorsport (May/June 1991), The H-Modified Etceterinis p67-69. This article was transcribed for the Sports Racer Network by Curt Anderson.

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