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1972? Mark XIII

"Last Genie and only Mark XIII built.

Fresh top end 1275cc. Too much in spares to list. Offered by 4th owner. Documented history to new. Log books to 1972. Beautifully prepared,unique, historic racer.
$39,500.00 obo."

On November 08, 2006, the seller (Mike) replied to inquiries for more photos and information by saying that "The car sold over two years ago", then added "Everything I had on the car (photos & info) went with it. Sorry."





1963 Huffaker Genie

From an ad1 on March 11, 2005, which listed the car for US$34,000.


This car has not raced in 30 years. The rolling chassis has a new fiberglass body mounted and needs a fuel cell, fuel & water plumbing, wiring, internal ducting for airflow through the side pods constructed to finish restoration.


* Type: Chromoly space frame
* Front Suspension: independent
* Rear Suspension: independent
* Shocks: Koni
* Brakes: inboard rear, outboard front disc
* Steering: rack & pinion
* Wheels: magnesium wheels, 7x13 front, 10x13 rear


* Construction: new fiberglass
* Condition: needs finishing


* Built to CSR spec of time period
* Type: Alfa Romeo
* Displacement: 1300cc engine built to 1448cc
* Induction: dual Weber 40 DCO3's
* freshened by Shankle Engineering 20 years ago and put away

1053458969ph.jpg (30718 bytes)

1053458969pg.jpg (26059 bytes)

Oil/Water System

* Radiator: side mounted radiators


* Type: (2) gearboxes, 1 Porsche 4-speed, 1 Webster 5-speed

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1053458969pj.jpg (54833 bytes)

1053458969pe.jpg (23254 bytes)

1053458969pl.jpg (25054 bytes)

1053458969pf.jpg (26756 bytes)

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1The description and photos were taken from an ad on .

2Photo and description from HMSA classified page.

Revised: November 08, 2006.

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