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As of May 26, 2005

"The new Dragon is ready to hit the track. Experience taught us that our Dragon F-1 chassis was a great platform and we felt that it was time to have a proprietary body design, to make our product more visible. This resulted in an aluminum monocoque single seat chassis utilizing a Suzuki 1000 motor and covered with a carbon fiber body by Pennon Composites, our long time partner in wing arrays. The new car weighs 790 lbs dry and has a generous cockpit allowing for easy fit to most American sized drivers. The plan was to deliver a race ready package, not a car to be tested and developed. To this end all components are the same as the cars we race, right down to the Moton shocks. Virtually 100% of the Dragon chassis has already been tested on the track over the last two years."1

Interesting Features of the Sr2

"Part of the design philosophy for the Sr2 was to make the cockpit more friendly to larger drivers, and, given that the driver is single heaviest part of the car, control the placement of the driver. Our answer is a simple but durable steering column that adjusts for length, height and angle allowing the drivers CG and vision scope to remain constant to the design intent. At the other control interface, the aluminum pedal cluster is also adjustable. 

Suspension is a further development of the Dragon F-1 pull rod front, pushrod rear. This combination yields an excellent mechanical grip while allowing substantial tuning. As mentioned earlier, the intent was to deliver a finished product, so all Sr2's are delivered with top quality Moton shocks and Aurora rod ends. 

All Dragons are made intentionally easy to work on. We feel that if the maintenance is not a chore it will more likely be performed. This shows in the placement and design of our plumbing and control devices as well as the engine bay. All hardware is either mil-spec or equivalent (rivets). 

All Sr2's are delivered with a mechanically driven dry sump system. While I realize that many racers are using wet sumps in DSR, we feel that this is not appropriate for a car that can corner at 2.0 g. Our custom dry sump pump takes the place of the water pump, while the water pump is now an electric unit."1

Company Background

"Bill Gendron at Small Fortune Racing has been building motorcycle powered sports racers and formula cars since 1976, when he took a Titan MK 6 with a Kawasaki engine to the Solo Nationals in Columbus, OH. Today, Small Fortune Dragons are the car to beat in Solo, winning multiple National Championships in A mod, B mod and D mod.

Small Fortune is a full time business, run by Bill (a former engineer at Pratt and Whitney Aircraft) and his son Matt. We have strong working relationships with Pennon Composites, Hoosier Tire, Moton Shocks and Keizer wheels.

In the last 7 years, Small Fortune has prepped numerous top level solo, hill climb and club race cars and also completed a variety of large projects including:

Bill Goodale' s Dragon F-1
Larry Shauf's Lotus-Dragon
Len Cummins' 90X
Les Bettone's Toyota Celica
John Peterson's VW Scirocco
Mike & Diana Shaw's Mustang
Artic Cat A-Mod, National Champion
Cosworth Europa, National Champion
Historic Porsche sports racer restoration
Tube Frame-Turbo Hillclimb Special
GT-1 doorslammer"1

Small Fortune Racing Enterprises
69 Stafford Hollow Road
Monson, MA 01057
Phone 413.267.0904

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1Information from material prepared by Bill Goodale. Photos were also provided by Bill. 

Revised: January 19, 2007.

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