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Davis Special

This H Mod car was built in the early 1960s by a Mr. Daivs, in northern California (the San Francisco Bay area).

It is an all aluminum sports racer with an impressive aluminum frame and aluminum body panels. It has Panhard running gear.

The car was powered by a Panhard engine. In it's last life before retirement, it had a Corvair turbo on the Panhard engine.

During it's lifetime, it has done everything from road races, to autocross, to drag races.

Don Racine bought the car from the original owner/builder many, many years ago.

For Sale

Don Racine, the current owner, has this car up for sale (August 03, 2006). It's "a real project" which "needs tons of work - total reconstruction!" Don says, "I could offer it with either bits to build your own motor and trans or could also offer a 'ready to race' engine and transmission."

Price: Make an offer

For more information, contact Don via Email at


Revised: August 09, 2006.

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