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Casaab-x (Case) Chassis

D Sports Racer

This car has also been know as the Case Special.


The Casaab-x was built around 1967 by W.A. (Bill) Case in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and raced in the Midwest Division as a D Sports Racer by the builder. It was raced at the 1969 SCCA ARRC Runoffs at Daytona Beach, Florida.

"I recall it made a lot of noise but was only a winner if it rained," says Fred Storer.1

The photo on the right was taken in the paddock area in 1970 at Olathe, Kansas. This was a National race held at the old Naval Air Station.

The car is front wheel drive with the drive train from a Saab stroker.  The car has three Solex's and a Judson coil.

In 2003, this car was offered for sale by Fred Storer for $1000 in the condition shown (excluding the 1970 photo).

Fred Storer said, "It is potentially restorable for vintage racing. It appears to be complete except for the tachometer. It sat outside for 30 years and has some corrosion damage. Three of the wheels are damaged by corrosion. I have built a new steering wheel, which is an accurate copy of the original. The original wheel is included."1

Race History

Bill Case, raced a Casaab-x Saab in DSR during the 1969 race season and finished forth in the Mid-West Division Championship.

In 1969, he also raced in the American Road Race of Champions (the SCCA National Championship race) at Daytona, Florida as car #66. Bill did not finished the DSR race, completing only 4 laps.

Current Owner

Lester Ewing owns the Case/Casaab-x car, as of December 2006, having purchased it from Fred Storer. Lester confirms that the Case Special and Casaab-x are one in the same.


1970 in Olathe, Kansas.1
[ 1800 x 1170 px version ]

The reason for the hood bulge.

Saab engine.

Triple Solex carburators.

Non-original wheels and tires.

Participation sticker from the 1969 ARRC at Daytona Beach, FL.2




1Fred Storer provide initial information and photos in 2003 when he had tthe car listed for sale.

2Lester Ewing owns the Case/Casaab-x car, as of December 2006.

Revised: December 21, 2006.

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