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Baneits Special Chassis

H Modified & D Sports Racer


Engine: SAAB 3 cylinder 2 stroke, running backwards

Builder: Phil Banks and Don Veits of Ohio

Current Owner: Lester Ewing of Shreveport, LA


Lester reports on August 27, 2004

"The mechanicals are all SAAB, 3 cylinder 2 stroke engine, running backwards, to allow a low profile, mid-engined, front wheel drive car.

Finally finished the restoration, or so I thought, in August of 2004 and showed the car at the SAAB owners convention. I now have a few more problems to sort out."

The pictures show the restoration and the first run in an autocross on August 20th, 2004 at the Crystal Mountain Resort in Washington."


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"I found the car and picked it up in March of 2003 and started the restoration."

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"The car was made by Phil Banks and Don Veits of Ohio. They ran the car for a few years then it went to a nephew, George Kissinger, who made the conversion from H Modified to D Sports racing.

The car was campaigned for several years and then sold several times, each time not to a racer but as a means to gain profit. Due to a deal gone wrong it sat outside in Grand Rapids, Michigan for close to 10 years.

The pictures [bottom to top] show a progression from H Mod to D Sports, to junk, and the restoration, and the first run in an autocross."


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hmod_leftfront2.jpg (94394 bytes)
Waiting to get on the grid

hmod_left.jpg (103350 bytes)
Sitting on the grid at
Mid-Ohio possibly 1968

hmod_leftfront.jpg (109221 bytes)
First outing at Lowellville,
Ohio. Almost took first
place in the rain.


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