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Books on Metal Fabrication

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purchase book at Amazon Metal Fabricator's Handbook
by Ron Fournier
"Master metal craftsman Ron Fournier shares the tips, techniques and secrets necessary for fabricating metal components for race, customs or restoration use. Winner of the prestigious Moto award for "Best technical How-to Book" in 1984, the Metal Fabricator's Handbook offers Fournier's unique metal fabricating skills developed during years off building Indycars, drag racers, stockers, custom show cars and sports GT race cars."

purchase book at Amazon Ultimate Sheet Metal Fabrication
by Tim Remus
"In an age when most products come off an assembly line at the rate of hundreds or thousands per hour an increasing number of individuals yearn to build a fender, hood or side cover by hand. Whether you're restoring an old Packard, building a unique hot rod, customizing your Harley-Davidson, or trying to keep an old bi-plane in the air, the parts you require can't be purchased in a catalog."

purchase book at Amazon Sheet Metal Handbook How to form and shape sheet metal for competition, custom and restoration use.
by Ron Fournier, Sue Fournier
"Imagine transforming a flat sheet of aluminum alloy into an attractive hood scoop. Or designing and making your own aluminum wheel tubs, floor pan and dashboard for your street machine. How about learning to design and build your own body panels, manifold, brackets and fuel tanks? These are just a few of the many tips and techniques shared by master metal craftsman Ron Fournier."

purchase book at Amazon Metal: Design and Fabrication
by David Frisch, Susan Frisch
"Offers designers, architects, and sculptors information on designing, detailing, and specifying metal in various applications. Also describes the basic processes available to fabricate metal so they can think about how the work might be built while they are still in the design process. Highly and colorfully illustrated. No bibliography." Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

purchase book at Amazon Advanced Sheet Metal Fabrication
by Tim Remus

purchase book at Amazon Metalcasting by C. W. Ammen
"An A-to-Z guide to low-volume metalcasting There's plenty of demand for one-shot or low production metalcasting job work, but the work often goes begging for lack of anyone to do it. Interested? Metalcasting by C.W. Ammen is packed with step-by-step guidelines for getting started and working effectively and efficiently in this time-honored craft. You get hands-on advice and cost-cutting tips, plus sound ideas for safety and productivity. In easy-to-understand language, this guide shows you how to use metalcrafting's tools and processes, casting and mold making...molding sands...molding equipment....metal melting, handling, and pouring devices...alloys...and more, including: *Patination of cast metals *Working with chemically-bonded molds *Newest molding, casting, and pattern-making techniques A Frequently Asked Questions section anticipates and responds to typical beginner's queries about applications and repair techniques and other metalcasting issues."

purchase book at Amazon How to Cast Small Metal and Rubber Parts
by William A. Cannon

"Using this excellent sourcebook as a guide, you can easily make high quality, defect-free castings for almost any purpose ... at amazingly low cost! Just some of the countless uses you'll find for this potentially profitable skill ... making obsolete or vintage car parts, hood ornaments, garden and fireplace tools, kitchen utensils, automotive parts, replacing broken antique parts, reproducing sculpture, plaques, and other art ... all kinds of decorative and useful objects for your own use or to sell!"


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