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Books on Engine Management & Injection Systems

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purchase book at Amazon How to Tune and Modify Engine Managements Systems by Jeff Hartman
"Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience and a background of more than 1,000 magazine articles on the subject, engine control expert Jeff Hartman explains everything from the basics of engine management to the building of complicated project cars. Hartman has substantially updated the material from his 1993 MBI book Fuel Injection (0-879387-43-2) to address the incredible developments in automotive fuel injection technology from the past decade, including the multitude of import cars that are the subject of so much hot rodding today. Hartman's text is extremely detailed and logically arranged to help readers better understand this complex topic."

purchase book at Amazon Building & Tuning High-Performance Electronic Fuel Injection by Ben Strader
"If you want to add one of the slick Holley, ACCEL, or Edelbrock fuel-injection systems to your small-block V-8, or if you want get rid of the black cloud behind your Eclipse after your injector and 20G swap - you need this book. With information in this book, you'll never have to wonder if your tune is just right - you'll know it. If it isn't - you can change it. After a description of what programmable EFI offers its users, author Ben Strader (founder and senior instructor of EFI University) gives a detailed account of what you want to accomplish with your EFI system, then shows you how to get there. You'll learn to: define air and fuel requirements based on horsepower and RPM; set up your base fuel and ignition maps to get things up and running fast; tweak your fuel and timing maps for light- and heavy-load situations; and adjust timing for cold-starting or high-boost conditions. In the second section of Building and Tuning High-Performance Electronic Fuel Injection, Strader gives a detailed description of the systems from 11 respected EFI manufacturers. He helps you weigh the info on cost, features, tunability, and ease of installation between the available systems, so you can find the high-performance aftermarket EFI system that's right for you."

purchase book at Amazon Engine Management: Optimising Carburettors, Fuel Injection and Ignition Systems
by Dave Walker
"Part of the Haynes High-Performance Tuning Series."

purchase book at Amazon Four-Stroke Performance Tuning
by A. Graham Bell


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