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Books on Drawing Cars

If you buy any of these books below through the links provided, you contribute a small % of their purchase price to the upkeep of this site, with no increase in their price to you.

purchase book at Amazon How To Design Cars Like a Pro
by Tony Lewin, Ryan Borroff
"A comprehensive guide to car design from the top professionals."

purchase book at Amazon Drawing and Painting Racing Cars: Michael Turner Shows You How
by Michael Turner

purchase book at Amazon How to Draw Cars Like a Pro
by Thom Taylor, Kathy Berghoff, Lisa Hallett
"If you ever wanted to design cars -- whether as a blueprint for building your own street rod or simply for the pleasure of creating art -- How to Draw Cars Like a Pro is for you."

purchase book at Amazon Draw Cars
by Doug DuBosque

"Whether your goal is to draw the latest supercar, tranform your Uncle Bill's ratty ol' pickup into a defender of Democracy, or make your next schoolbus ride something to really talk about, this book is for you.

You'll find clear, step-by-step instructions, helpful tips, and plenty of encouragement. So grab a pencil and let's get started."

purchase book at Amazon Draw 3-D: A Step by Step Guide to Perspective Drawing by D. C. Dubosque, Doug Dubosque
"If you've ever wondered how artists add depth to drawings, paintings and designs-and you haven't been lucky enough to have someone show you the 'tricks'-congratulations! You've found just the book to get you started with perspective drawing. You'll learn the techniques. You find extra help at trouble spots. With clear instructions, examples, and photos, you'll see how easy it can be to draw in 3-D"

purchase book at Amazon Rendering With Markers
by Ronald B. Kemnitzer
"Definitive techniques for designers, illustrators, and architects."

purchase book at Amazon Marker Magic : The Rendering Problem Solver for Designers by Richard M. McGarry, Greg Madsen
"Architects, interior designers, artists, and illustrators take note—if you’ve ever found yourself searching for that creative spark that could make your design presentations take on a new life, or you need to draw a wood treatment, and you don’t know how-Marker Magic has easy-to follow solutions for all of your design problems. The book uses the most popular medium—markers—in combination with other media, and devotes special attention to hard-to-draw subjects such as wood, stone, foliage, skies, carpet, chrome, tile, and fabrics. This is not a book on principles, concepts, or theory, but a hands-on manual that presents real solutions to everyday design problems."


Revised: August 02, 2006.

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